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For those seeking freedom from the tyranny of clutter and disorganisation.

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Sandy Newton-Kearnes

I’m Sandy, Master Declutterer and Holistic Organiser. Are you yearning to Live With Less? In total overwhelm? Need help? Then let me help you Unblock and Unlock your Space. Home/Office and Room therapy solutions for those seeking change.

 It all starts with letting go!  Contact me today

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I have been working with Sandy for about ten years now, before she came into my life I would be stuck between unorganised mess and cleaned but unsustainable, she understood who I was and what approach I will be able to maintain. She gave me a whole new way of thinking about organising.

I love Sandy and her work, she is a real artist in the way that she arranges things and would recommend her wholeheartedly to anyone who needs their home or office organised, cleansed and beautified. [Read more…]

Pip McKay  | Manly, Sydney
CEO Evolve Now Mind Institute

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